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You can hire one of the best Senior DevOps Engineers on demand. Need DevOps just for 2 days per week, maybe for a bunch of hours or to do a particular task?

You are a fast-growing startup, and there is a lot of work to deliver before an official product launch. Deadline is coming and investors are looking at your hands.

You are the CTO. Sooner or later you will realize that the hiring process is far too long and costs you a lot of time spent on unsuccessful meetings with “wanna-be DevOps” candidates. Finding Senior DevOps engineers in Berlin, Zurich or New York is very challenging. Having in-house DevOps is also very expensive. Salary of a good engineer starts at $194k [according to Glassdoor]. A lot?? Yes, it is a fortune.

What’s more, you are pretty sure that you do not need DevOps full time. You don’t have enough work to fulfill FTE [full-time employee]. You assume that having DevOps for 2 days per week would be enough. But, when you hire an employee you have to pay a salary every month. That’s how it works. Unfortunately, it’s not cost effective.

Ok, let’s assume that after months of searching, you finally have your engineer onboard. Are problems finished? Not exactly.

Your engineer will be on the target of other hungry companies in your city, that are looking crazily for DevOps. You can lose your DevOps easily. Beware that they receive job offers almost every day. Linkedin announced that DevOps was the most recruited job in tech in 2018. There is a huge demand for those specialists.

Life of an entrepreneur is tough. Investors don’t care about that. It’s all on your shoulders. But it does not have to be like that anymore!

It is now possible to hire DevOps Engineer in a model “Skills as a Service”. Assigned Engineer will be working using Times & Material approach. It means that we will define two parameters in our contract:

  • TIME – which is the duration of the engagement

  • MATERIAL – which is the blend of who [Engineer] and a rate at which they will be working on your project

We can make an initial estimation of the work to help you find out the amount of work needed.

This is the simplest model when you have work done without all burden of hiring, assessing and paying monthly salary even if you need DevOps engineer only for a couple of days per month.

  • The hiring process is too long and costs you a lot of money and time spent on unsuccessful meetings with “wanna-be DevOps” candidates.

  • Having DevOps for 2 days per week will be fine enough, but, when you hire an employee you will have to pay them monthly salary even if you do not have enough work for them to do.

The example of delivered work for Blockchain Startup from New York 

You can find here the scope of work that we’ve delivered for one of the NYC Blockchain Startup focused on FinTech industry. The client was finishing his product and was expecting high traffic during the upcoming days preceding the launch of the product to the market.

The customer has asked us for recommendations in the following areas:

• DDoS protection
• Expanding infrastructure
• Disaster Recovery
• Monitoring

The first phase of the project was focused on a “quick wins” report with changes which could be applied before go-live.

We are also involved in the implementation of these changes.

The second phase [still in progress] is to prepare a long-term plan for infrastructure growth and achieving operational excellence, which includes:

• Infrastructure as Code
• Auto Scaling
• Immutable deployments
• Self-healing
• Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment

DevOps As a Service

Why do we have the best DevOps Engineers? And how are we attracting them even more? 

First of all, we’ve been and still are Sys-Admins, software engineers and applications architects.

Our foundation is built upon the reactive manifesto, which describes the following principles of how to build modern systems:

Responsive: A reactive system consistently responds in a timely fashion

Resilient: System remains responsive, even when failures occur

Elastic: System remains responsive, despite changes to system load (scale up / scale down)

Message Driven: System is built on a foundation of async, non-blocking messaging

We are practitioners.

Secondly, we attract talents because we are a community of senior DevOps engineers.

Among almost 40 DevOps you can build a relationship, share knowledge but primarily develop yourself much quicker. All our engineers have a passion for Ansible, Terraform, Kubernetes, and Docker. Each Junior has their mentors, Senior DevOps who take care of them, coach and provide feedback that is crucial to get higher. People have a sense that this is their place on Earth.

Where else can DevOps Engineers find a better environment to develop skills than among other DevOps?

Sometimes we are pretty busy but then our close partner network comes with help. About 20 companies which work in the same field – DevOps Engineering. It means that we will always find an Engineer for you.

What kind of service can DevOps provide?

DevOps Engineer is responsible for helping refine your CD/CI, monitoring, and overall infrastructure. We mostly focus on pipeline automation and the idea of Infrastructure as Code [IaC]. Our DevOps Engineers have extensive AWS knowledge and expertise. We are experts in DevOps tools including Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, Prometheus, ELK, etc.

All DevOps have a well-rounded background in Computer Science, Networks, Operating Systems, and Cyber Security. It means they are able to evaluate and master new things quickly while maintaining a high level of craftsmanship.

We know how to communicate with both technical and non-technical teams.

And we understand that finally, you would like to stick with one of our DevOps for longer or maybe for good. We are open to discussing that. Bear it in mind that having Senior DevOps in the team while shaping your company is very beneficial: they can share knowledge, mentor others and help onboarding your own DevOps engineers. Your fresh team can learn a lot.

So, are you ready to get one of our available DevOps Engineers? Let us first explain the process:


That’s it… You have a new team member! Easy?

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