Why Should You Adopt a DevOps Culture in 2019?

First, you should realize that DevOps isn’t only for startups and not for corporates. This is a myth.

It is believed that the startups are building their organizational structure from scratch, so it is much easier for them to implement DevOps Culture at the beginning. However, when DevOps is implemented in larger companies, they can enjoy the most by designing and developing mature DevOps capabilities.

What are the advantages of adopting DevOps Culture in your organization?

There are at least 7 Reasons why you should consider taking the shift to DevOps culture.

1. Accelerate Innovation: With integrated operations, applications can be developed and deployed 30 times faster. Real-time performance data enables to quickly grasp the impact of application changes.

2. Improve Collaboration: When software & operations teams trust each other, they can experiment, research, and innovate more effectively as they work toward a shared goal.

3. Increase Efficiency: Automated tools & standardized production platforms help make deployments more predictable & free your IT staff from tedious repetitive tasks.

4. Manage Resources Better: Agile with DevOps ensures that the app development arrives in testing phase much quicker than existing operations.

5. Reduce Failures: The shorter development cycles promote more frequent code releases and require 60 times fewer fixes.

6. Accelerate Recovery Time: Bugs are 168 x easier to spot. Your team will mostly need to check the latest code changes to be able to resolve an issue.

7. Enhance Job Satisfaction: Performance-based culture reduces the bureaucratic obstacles and fosters sharing of risks resulting in the more contented & productive workforce.

DevOps culture is the driver which enables your business to accelerate go-to-market services and roll out new features quickly and efficiently.

While adopting DevOps is not a simple process, when done correctly the investment will pay dividends far beyond the initial effort.